Notes of Lately

Two things you need to know about Winter in Texas 2013: FLU and SNOW. I never think the CDC knows what they are talking about until I fall victim. And can we talk about snow twice in less than a month? I still hate being cold, but it was exceptionally sparkly and pretty today.

Things happening lately…

January_14 January_15 January_16 January_17

Snow day. Snuck one in of Jon clearing my car. He’s having so much fun doing me a favor, obviously! 🙂

January_12 January_13

Leftover Cocobon (um, hello Trader Joes best cheap red ever!) and homemade peanut butter cookies after an impromptu dinner with a friend. Also, my new placemats which I coveted at Target for several weeks. Luckily no one else wanted them so I snagged  a set of 4 for $8 on clearance.


Fedora for my honeymoon. I’m going to attempt to be a hat person. I’ll let you know.

Last weekend Jon’s mom and I had a girls day. Nails, lunch, shopping–things you’d expect. She got me the perfect honeymoon purse in my favorite colors (shades of white!) along with a few other great things for my birthday. Afterwards, we met up with Jon and his Dad for dinner and a few games of Rook. Jon and I both left saying that it was the most fun day we’d each had in a long time. That’s really how cool his parents are. On which note, I should add that I feel extra spoiled to have his parents as in-laws.



Books of late. Jesus, My Father, The CIA, and me was brilliant. A self-aware and honest memoir, without being self-pitying. I think for anyone who grew up with difficult parents, this would be incredibly close to heart. I just started both A Year of Biblical Womanhood and Miraculous. Thus far, the former is hilarious and the latter is…academic. I’m waiting for both to kick in. The massive World Poetry book was a $1 estate sale buy that is great for quick bedtime reading. It has everything you’d want and most of what you’d expect for an anthology of that sort.


Post-Christmas Blues

Christmas is all packed up and put away. It feels like it took days to put it up, but less than an hour to tear it down. The house looks empty and I don’t have a single excuse to eat peppermint-flavored everythinginsight anymore. The first week of January is the pits. Well, except the 4th because that’s my birthday. But after that, more pits.

This year I definitely decorated more than last. Jon and I bought a small fake Christmas tree for $30 on Black Friday that we were pretty proud of. I made almost everything–ornaments, stockings, banners, and little odds and ends. I loved coming home from work and lighting all of the candles and turning on the lights to the tree. It was so cozy.

I found this picture on my camera of one of my little handmade decorations. I’m putting it here as a reminder that I really love Christmas because its when I spend the most time to creating things–decorations, gifts, good stuff to eat. Making it a point this year to do more of that.

Maybe it will help with the post-Christmas blues.


Hello, 2013.


Being homebodies who like to go to bed by 10 p.m. can certainly complicate New Years Eve plans. This is mostly true for me and absolutely true for Jon. There’s just so much pressure to ring in the new year right. In this case, right is synonymous with drinking and sequins.

Around 5 o’clock I realized 2012 was so meaningful and 2013 is full of promise and anticipation, we must celebrate. I love a good celebration.

I downloaded these NYE printable decorations, adorned the table and threw together a quick meal and a little 2012 reflection questionnaire for us to fill out a dinner. Jon put on a suit (hello!) and I dug up a black dress and pearls. We popped a bottle of bubbly and declared a party for two!

We ate good food, laughed, tried to take a timer photo for a solid hour, and talked about our favorite moments of last year and our greatest hopes for the next. It was my favorite New Years Eve of all time, hands down.

January_3January_2January_4         NYE


We spent all of January 1 doing things we should have resolved to not do this year–eating doughnuts and watching Friday Night Lights for 10 straight hours. Oh, and I baked this cake. I don’t regret it.




2012 was good to us.

“Isn’t it funny how day by day nothing changes but when you look back everything is different…(C.S. Lewis)

It seems impossible that I don’t have many recorded memories of the beautiful things that happened this year.

Several months ago I bought a camera that was too expensive and I vowed to keep track of these sorts of things. You know, of birthdays celebrated, family gathered, trips taken, cakes baked, houses turned into homes, and lazy afternoons wasted.

Like most things, I started off strong but my enthusiasm waned. I have a notoriously short attention span, especially with regards to hobbies. Then the days just blew by. I haven’t slowed down much to think or process the changes, much less snap a photo.

This year, though….this year, I want to remember.

Resolutions are a prescription for an end of the year guilt trip for the scattered folk like me, so I won’t call this by that name. However, my honest attempt to keep a little space reserved for my favorite pictures and memories will be kept here.

For starters, an Instagram review of the year. There were far too many good ones to choose from, but a select few highlights…




Getting engaged, Texas home, California vacations, sweet nephews, mimosas, handmade gifts (and my sweet Coco Bean!), wedding dresses, bridal showers, Friendsgiving, and spending every moment possible with Jon. 2012 was good to us.