Post-Christmas Blues

Christmas is all packed up and put away. It feels like it took days to put it up, but less than an hour to tear it down. The house looks empty and I don’t have a single excuse to eat peppermint-flavored everythinginsight anymore. The first week of January is the pits. Well, except the 4th because that’s my birthday. But after that, more pits.

This year I definitely decorated more than last. Jon and I bought a small fake Christmas tree for $30 on Black Friday that we were pretty proud of. I made almost everything–ornaments, stockings, banners, and little odds and ends. I loved coming home from work and lighting all of the candles and turning on the lights to the tree. It was so cozy.

I found this picture on my camera of one of my little handmade decorations. I’m putting it here as a reminder that I really love Christmas because its when I spend the most time to creating things–decorations, gifts, good stuff to eat. Making it a point this year to do more of that.

Maybe it will help with the post-Christmas blues.



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