Notes of Lately

Two things you need to know about Winter in Texas 2013: FLU and SNOW. I never think the CDC knows what they are talking about until I fall victim. And can we talk about snow twice in less than a month? I still hate being cold, but it was exceptionally sparkly and pretty today.

Things happening lately…

January_14 January_15 January_16 January_17

Snow day. Snuck one in of Jon clearing my car. He’s having so much fun doing me a favor, obviously! 🙂

January_12 January_13

Leftover Cocobon (um, hello Trader Joes best cheap red ever!) and homemade peanut butter cookies after an impromptu dinner with a friend. Also, my new placemats which I coveted at Target for several weeks. Luckily no one else wanted them so I snagged  a set of 4 for $8 on clearance.


Fedora for my honeymoon. I’m going to attempt to be a hat person. I’ll let you know.

Last weekend Jon’s mom and I had a girls day. Nails, lunch, shopping–things you’d expect. She got me the perfect honeymoon purse in my favorite colors (shades of white!) along with a few other great things for my birthday. Afterwards, we met up with Jon and his Dad for dinner and a few games of Rook. Jon and I both left saying that it was the most fun day we’d each had in a long time. That’s really how cool his parents are. On which note, I should add that I feel extra spoiled to have his parents as in-laws.



Books of late. Jesus, My Father, The CIA, and me was brilliant. A self-aware and honest memoir, without being self-pitying. I think for anyone who grew up with difficult parents, this would be incredibly close to heart. I just started both A Year of Biblical Womanhood and Miraculous. Thus far, the former is hilarious and the latter is…academic. I’m waiting for both to kick in. The massive World Poetry book was a $1 estate sale buy that is great for quick bedtime reading. It has everything you’d want and most of what you’d expect for an anthology of that sort.


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